January 23, 2012

Calling the CCLaP Army! Your proofreading help is once again needed!

Get Up Tim, by Sally Weigel

Uh-oh! IT'S TIME SOON FOR ANOTHER CCLAP ORIGINAL BOOK! And you know what that means, CCLaP Army, that it's time to start sharpening your blue pencils again; because since I cannot afford the team of proofreaders and other editors that mainstream presses have at their disposal, I instead ask the readers of this blog to help crowd-source the project, basically you getting a chance to read a sneak-preview copy of the book for free in return for letting us know of any mistakes you might find. This particular book is called Get Up Tim and is the new story collection by local author Sally Wiegel, her first book since her admired debut novella about teens, Radiohead, and the Iraq War, 2009's Too Young to Fall Asleep; and it's pretty great, too, I have to say, an expansive collection that among other things looks at a closeted gay middle-aged professor in '70s New York, a famous female rock star in the middle of a nervous breakdown, a sullen teen doing community service to work off a DUI, and even such magical-realism tales as the one about a suburban girl who turns into a tree, and a nine-year-old Chicago kid who is literally transported to a dreamlike alt-universe for a night.

Remember, you do not need to be a particular expert at grammar and the like to be of big help; when it comes to simple mistakes like misplaced commas and misspelled words, it's always the total number of people looking at the manuscript that is the name of the game, not how specifically trained any of these particular people are. (Of course, if your idea of a fun time is to read through random sections of the AP Stylebook, I especially welcome your interest, and you should feel free to make your comments as specific and fussy as you want them to be.) The book officially comes out exactly one week from today, so if you're interested in helping us get it up to a professional standard, drop me a line as soon as you can to cclapcenter [at] gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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