January 18, 2012

For your consideration: "Life After Sleep" for the 2012 Hugo

Life After Sleep, by Mark R. Brand

It's a long shot to be sure, but I just wanted to remind everyone that the CCLaP 2011 science-fiction novel Life After Sleep, by local genre veteran Mark R. Brand, is eligible for the 2012 Hugo Award, and that all of us here would get giant nerd boners just from it coming even close to getting nominated. For those who don't know, this is the biggest prize in the entire SF industry, voted on and given out each year by the attendees of that year's rotating Worldcon; and this year it happens that it's being held here in Chicago, so it'd be great if all you early local registrants wanted to help get this title on the nomination ballot. If you're interested, you still have a week and a half to buy your Worldcon ticket and be eligible to add titles to the 2012 Hugo nominating ballot; so if you're going, definitely buy your ticket now, so you can help us maybe get Life After Sleep into the longlist later this year. Your help is absolutely appreciated!

Yes, by the way, CCLaP plans on holding some sort of offsite event in Chicago during the weekend of Worldcon! In fact, I'm thinking very seriously about leading a steampunk photoshoot tour through nearby Lincoln Park (the convention's taking place in the north Loop); there are just so many ornate places in that neighborhood that actually were built in the Victorian Age, I thought it'd be a fun field trip away from the convention and a chance for costumers to get some great shots of their outfits. Then we would probably end at one of the many Victorian pubs in the neighborhood, where we would do a steampunk reading featuring a number of authors attending the convention anyway; and in fact I've actually started the process of figuring out who would perform at such an event, and might have some very exciting news to share with you soon. Lots more about all of this as we get closer to the convention; but in the meanwhile, it'd be a real feather in our cap if we just happened to be up for a Hugo this year too, so I really encourage you to enter Life After Sleep to the list if you're an early attendee and have the chance.

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