January 9, 2012

Hey, Chicagoans! CCLaP's first major fundraiser is here!

An Evening with Ben Tanzer and Friends: A CCLaP Fundraiser

All right, people, it's finally here -- CCLaP is finally holding its first-ever major fundraiser, for all you Chicagoans who have always wanted to make a substantial contribution to the center and have just been waiting for the chance. It's happening in a little less than a month from now, on Saturday, February 4th, down at a historic Victorian mansion in the Hyde Park neighborhood known as the Walter William Fenn House, also the home of the Southside Hub of Production cultural and community center (5638 S. Woodlawn Ave., literally across the street from the University of Chicago campus).

The evening is being centered around the recent release of the deluxe illustrated version of The New York Stories, by Ben Tanzer with Laura Szumowski, and all couples go home that night with their own copy, a $75 value just on its own; but on top of this, there will be an hour-long multimedia performance from the book in the mansion's original library, as well as a reception beforehand featuring free liquor and gourmet appetizers. Add an informal outdoor sunset tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's famed Robie House, located just one block away, and I hope you'll agree that this is well worth the $100 per couple that tickets cost.

There's going to be lots more about this fundraiser here over the coming four weeks, so I'll just leave it at this for now; but I do hope that all you Chicagoans who can afford it will give some serious thought as to coming out that night, and dressing up in the creative-cocktail attire being encouraged. I purposely keep most things concerning CCLaP at a reasonable price, so to encourage as wide an embrace as possible; but I know that several of you have expressed an interest in the past for making a more substantial contribution to the center, and so here's your chance to do so and participate in a remarkable experience for your trouble. Tickets can be purchased right this second through the Paypal link below; as always, just drop me a line directly at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com if you have any further questions. I hope to see you there!

"An Evening with Ben Tanzer and Friends" tickets: $100 per couple

(Planning on attending? Make sure to RSVP at this party's Facebook page as well!)

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