January 31, 2012

It's Sally Weigel Day at CCLaP!

Get Up Tim, by Sally Weigel

Yippee! It's release day for CCLaP's newest original book! And that just happens to be the latest book by local author Sally Weigel, the story collection Get Up Tim, which is now officially ready for your downloading and ordering pleasure. Regular visitors will remember that Sally put out her first book through CCLaP as well, the 2009 youth/war/Radiohead novella Too Young to Fall Asleep, a popular title here at the center which she unbelievably wrote the first draft of when still in high school; and now as she enters her last semester of college, she has this new collection of dense character studies ready to share with all of us, which interestingly jumps from one disparate situation to another in order to study the basic humanity underlying them all -- from a gay professor in '70s New York lamenting his closeted ex-lover, to a sullen teen with a DUI contemplating life during court-ordered community service, a famous middle-aged rock star having a nervous breakdown at a posh Mexican hotel, even such magical-realism tales as the one about the suburban girl who slowly turns into a tree. It's a definite flowering of Sally's talent and scope that you're seeing here in this collection, and fans of her first book are really going to love the more expansive look at humanity she takes in this newest volume.

Get Up Tim, the Hypermodern Edition

As always, an electronic copy of the book is being offered on a "pay what you want" basis, with "pay nothing" a perfectly valid option (and in fact the choice that 80 percent of our readers make); it comes in an EPUB version for most mobile devices, MOBI specifically for Amazon Kindles (transfer it to your device via USB cord), and both an American (8.5 x 11) and European (A4) PDF, for printing out to a home laserprinter or reading on your computer screen. (And don't forget that a version at the Amazon Kindle Store will be coming soon as well, to wirelessly purchase for a flat $5; and for the first time, this time we'll also soon be offering a special iOS-enhanced version that will sell at the Apple Store for a flat $5 as well, including fancier graphics, a hyperlinked table of contents, and all the other improvements that come with their new "iBook Author" software.) But for those of you who want a more traditional reading experience, and who wish to own a cool art object at the same time, and who wish to help make up for that 80 percent of the audience who are reading it for free, as always CCLaP is offering a special handmade paper "Hypermodern Edition" as well, US$20 (12 pounds, 16 euros) for recycled paper or $25 for cotton sheets, plus differing costs for shipping depending on where you live; as you can see in the above photo, although some things like the size have stayed the same for the new 2012 series, I'm completely changing the way the covers are made from the old 2011 series, this time now hiring an illustrator to do a new commissioned piece for each title coming this year, then "carrying through" the design from the front cover to the back using hand-drawn gold ink on the black fabric making up the spine. (The illustrator for this title is the great Grace Blevins, which I'm also thinking of turning into some print-on-demand merchandise at CafePress like posters and refrigerator magnets, if there seems to be enough interest. Don't forget, illustrators, I'm looking for three other artists to do various covers coming later this year, so just drop me a line at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com if you'd be interested in one of these paid commissions.)

Then in the meanwhile, we have a new podcast episode featuring a half-hour talk with Sally, all about how school has been treating her and how this new collection came about; and don't forget our usual "Passing the Torch" essay, in which the author of CCLaP's previous book talks about what they like regarding the new one, in this case that being Katherine Scott Nelson of the soon-to-be-Lambda-Award-nominated (fingers crossed) Have You Seen Me. (And yes, I'll soon be posting my own long essay about the book as well, and specifically why I signed the title in the first place.) Don't forget, my fellow members of literary social network Goodreads.com, the book has its own page over there as well; so I especially hope that all of you will have a chance to add it to your library there, and to post a few words about what you thought after you get done reading this short and sweet manuscript. More coming throughout this week, including lots more shots of the paper edition; but for now, I hope you'll have a chance to hop right over to the download page this second and check out the book for yourself. Happy reading!

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