February 2, 2012

"Get Up Tim" now live at Amazon!

'Get Up Tim' at Amazon

Hooray! CCLaP's newest original book, the story collection Get Up Tim by Sally Weigel, is now up and live at the Amazon Kindle Store! Those who were going to pay for a copy anyway can skip all the hassle of downloading it and transferring it to their device if they want, by purchasing a copy there for a flat $5 (3 pounds, 4 euros) and having it wirelessly sent straight to their Amazon if they want. Don't forget, in just another couple of weeks the same thing will be able for the first time at the Apple Store as well, for a special new version enhanced specifically for iPads. Anyway, just stop by amzn.to/getuptim to purchase a copy for yourself right now.

By the way, I recently had a chance to finally make Amazon shortcut URLs for all ten of CCLaP's books available there, so just click below to check any of them out, especially all you lucky new Fire owners from this previous Christmas...


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