February 23, 2012

It's day four of Jason Fisk's virtual author tour!

Jason Fisk: Salt Creek tour 2012

Greetings from day four of the Jason Fisk virtual author tour, in support of his "hyperfiction" story collection from last summer, Salt Creek Anthology! Today Jason is hanging out with fellow local author and community maven Amy Guth -- she of the Chicago Tribune, WGN Radio, the Pilcrow Lit Fest, Reading Under the Influence...oh yeah, and who has a new novel coming out with CCLaP in July! If I have my story correct, this entire interview today was conducted via Twitter, which I find funny and fascinating; the results are humorous and quickly paced, as you can imagine, and I encourage you to go check it out yourself today whenever you have the chance.

Coming tomorrow, a special treat to wrap up week one of the tour -- an actual audio interview over at the popular indie-rock/spoken-word "Orange Alert" podcast, run by friend of the center Jason Behrends. See you then!

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