February 21, 2012

It's day two of Jason Fisk's virtual author tour!

Jason Fisk: Salt Creek tour 2012

Greetings from day two of the Jason Fisk virtual author tour, in support of his hyperfiction story collection Salt Creek Anthology! Today Jason is hanging out with fellow Chicago author Delphine Pontvieux, who don't forget has short pieces of her own in both of CCLaP's anthologies from 2011, American Wasteland and Amsterdamned If You Do. Don't forget, tomorrow Jason will be traveling just down the digital street to yet another author in the CCLaP catalog, Katherine Scott Nelson (who will be doing hir own tour here next month, in support of hopeful Lambda Award nominee [cross your fingers] Have You Seen Me), so I hope you'll have a chance to become a virtual groupie and follow along at all the stops!

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