March 26, 2012

CCLaP's first print-on-demand merchandise is now available!

'Get Up Tim' poster and refrigerator magnet

Oh, happy day -- CCLaP officially has more stuff for you to buy! Specifically, our first-ever print-on-demand merchandise has just become ready for ordering -- both a poster version (16 x 20 inches) and a refrigerator magnet featuring the front cover of Sally Weigel's story collection from last month, Get Up Tim (illustration by Milwaukee artist Grace Blevins). As regular readers know, this year I'm actually commissioning new illustrations to adorn the handmade paper "Hypermodern" version of all four original books that we'll be putting out in 2012; and part of the reason I did it that way this year is so we could also release a series of print-on-demand merchandise featuring the illustrations, for friends of the author or illustrator or perhaps hardcore fans who would like to pick up such merchandise. It's a good deal for us, because CCLaP doesn't have to spend even a single dollar of upfront money ("print on demand" means literally that CafePress only prints one new piece of merch each time one is actually bought, then keeps around 60 percent of the retail price and sends us 40 percent), but I was worried about what the quality of the products might be under such a system; but now that I've had samples mailed to me and I've had a chance to see them with my own eyes, I'm relieved to say that they look quite sharp indeed, and are well worth the money that you'll be spending for them at least in terms of technical quality.

Anyway, you can just use the links below to order either a poster or magnet right this second if you want; and like I said, don't forget that I'll be doing this with all of CCLaP's original books this year, including Lauryn Allison Lewis's solo/down in April, Amy Guth's still-untitled new novel in July, Kevin Haworth's Famous Drownings in Literary History in October, and David David Katzman's The Kickstarter Letters in November. (We'll also be trying out other combinations as well; for example, Lauryn has requested that we offer women's panties to complement her own book. Yeah, you heard me.) Oh, and please note that the frame doesn't actually come with the poster, but that most Americans can pick one like this up for ten bucks at their local department store.

"Get Up Tim" poster (16 x 20 inches): US$20

"Get Up Tim" refrigerator magnet (3 x 2 inches): US$5

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