March 20, 2012

Holy crap! "Have You Seen Me" gets double Lambda Award nominations!

Have You Seen Me, by Katherine Scott Nelson

Well, the nominations were announced today for the prestigious Lambda Awards, essentially the most important award on the planet for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) literature; and I'm giddy to announce that the CCLaP novella from last autumn, Have You Seen Me by Katherine Scott Nelson, has not only been nominated, but is literally the only book on the planet this year to have been nominated for two awards at once, for best gay fiction by a debut writer and also best bisexual fiction of the year. Well, how about that! Regular readers will of course know that this runaway coming-of-age tale has been setting all kinds of CCLaP records since first coming out last fall; it's easily the biggest selling title in the center's history, for example, and is also the first and only CCLaP title so far to be featured at Kirkus Reviews (who said of it, "Refreshingly earnest and artfully wrought, Nelson's debut is a quick, compelling read that warrants a wide audience"), so I have to say that I'm pleased like a new daddy to see it garner this newest feather in its cap. And best of all, the awards ceremony is in New York on Monday, June 4th; and it just so happens that both Katherine and I will be in New York that same exact time period (for reasons I'll be announcing here later this spring, once more of the details are worked out), so it looks like we're actually going to get to attend and everything.

Wait, what's that, you say? You still haven't read the book yourself, despite the electronic version being available completely for free if you choose? Well, you need to remedy that right this second, don't you? Congratulations again to Katherine for having yet another external group confirm what we've all known for months now, of what a moving, funny, charming, emotionally touching experience hir book is. Cross your fingers and hold your breath until June, everyone!

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