March 2, 2012

It's day nine of Jason Fisk's virtual author tour!

Jason Fisk: Salt Creek tour 2012

Greetings from day nine of the Jason Fisk virtual author tour, in support of his "hyperfiction" story collection from last summer, Salt Creek Anthology! Today Jason is over at the Lantern Projects blog, an offshoot of Caroline Picard's Green Lantern alternative arts space over in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, although there's a funny mix-up to report today; it was actually two of their interns who were going to do this particular stop of the tour, but they mistakenly thought that the tour was for CCLaP's newest book, so there's actually a great review of Get Up Tim and a long interview with Sally Weigel up at their website right now too, along with Caroline's astute thoughts about Salt Creek and the phenomenon of hyperfiction in general. I hope you get a chance to check out all three of the entries, technically posted yesterday but with me only getting around to mentioning it today, because of me being as sick as a dog right now after getting caught out in a winter sleet-storm for an hour on Wednesday night wearing only a light jacket. (Damn you, AWP and ridiculously bipolar Chicago temperatures!) And coming later today, Jason's tour comes to an official close with a visit to fellow CCLaP author Ben Tanzer, so keep an eye out for that this afternoon as well.

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