May 30, 2012

It's day eight of Katherine Scott Nelson's virtual author tour!

Katherine Scott Nelson: Have You Seen Me Tour 2012

It's day eight of Katherine Scott Nelson's virtual book tour for hir CCLaP novella Have You Seen Me! Today Katherine is over at our good friend Lori Hettler's The Next Best Book Blog, where ze is participating in a regular feature there called "Where Writers Write," essays about the locations where authors prefer doing their work. This is a nice cap to what is actually the last day of the virtual tour, so I encourage you to stop by when you have a chance. And don't forget that the tour continues for the next four days as well, only with six other writers now and in the physical realm in New York City; I'll be trying to get some updates posted here to the CCLaP blog while the trip is going on, and will definitely do a big multi-part wrap-up next week, although those interested in more timely reports would be wise to instead check my Facebook and Flickr accounts this week for real-time updates. My many thanks again to everyone who participated in this virtual book tour; and don't forget that the next one comes in late June, just another three weeks from now, where we will actually be sending both author Ben Tanzer and visual artist Laura Szumowski out at the same time, for a special double-tour promoting their high-end illustrated book The New York Stories from last Christmas. I hope you'll have a chance to come by again for all of these things!

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