May 21, 2012

It's day one of Katherine Scott Nelson's virtual book tour!

Katherine Scott Nelson: Have You Seen Me Tour 2012

All right! Regular readers know that roughly six months after one of CCLaP's books first comes out, we send that author on a "virtual book tour," basically hopping from one blog to another every weekday for two weeks, to sometimes talk more about the book, sometimes do a new MP3 reading from it, sometimes shoot a little video, etc. And the latest author to undertake one of these is Katherine Scott Nelson, whose coming-of-age novella from last fall, Have You Seen Me, is actually a bit of a special case; because it just so happens that Katherine's book has been nominated this year for the prestigious Lambda Award for LGBT literature, and not just that but in two different categories (one of only two books in the entire United States this year to receive such an honor), and so hir particular virtual tour is also dovetailing into the growing hype leading into the Lambda awards ceremony in New York City on June 4th. (And in fact Katherine and I will actually be attending the awards ceremony, because we'll just happen to be in New York at the time for CCLaP's big mini-tour of Manhattan and Brooklyn, so I'll make sure to post plenty of photos from it when I get back. Ally Sheedy might be presenting one of the awards that Katherine is up for!) Anyway, that makes the virtual part of the tour as follows, and of course if a name is hyperlinked below when you're visiting, that means the entry is now live...

Monday, May 21st: Rebecca Kling
Tuesday, May 22nd: Sassafras Lowrey
Wednesday, May 23rd: Jason Fisk
Thursday, May 24th: Ben Tanzer
Friday, May 25th: What To Wear During An Orange Alert
Monday, May 28th: Another Chicago Magazine
Tuesday, May 29th: Curbside Splendor
Wednesday, May 30th: The Next Best Book Blog

But then on top of that, Katherine in this case also has a physical date to add to this virtual tour -- this Thursday, May 24th, to be precise, where ze will be performing as part of a larger Chicago showcase for all of this year's local Lambda nominees, sponsored by the awards organization itself and being held at the popular Center On Halsted, up at 3700 North Halsted in the "Boystown" neighborhood. And then of course on the 31st Katherine and a half-dozen other CCLaP authors will be heading to New York for our big tour there, so it promises to be quite a busy time for hir indeed from now until the awards ceremony itself on the 4th. Anyway, I hope you'll have a chance to check all of it out over the next three weeks, and for all of you in Chicago and New York to make it to one of the many physical events taking place as well. Wish us luck -- we're up against some really huge publishing companies for these awards, so we're gonna need it!

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