May 10, 2012

Justify My Netflix: The Descendants

(Like many Netflix customers, I too can get quite lax with the timely watching and returning of my movies, which of course defeats the entire purpose of having a flat-rate rental plan in the first place. To combat that, I am now writing standardized mini-reviews of each and every movie I end up watching through Netflix, both instantly and on DVD. Don't forget, all previous 'Justify My Netflix' reviews can be found on CCLaP's main movie page.)

The Descendants

Today's movie: , (Amazon | IMDB | Netflix | Wikipedia)

Why I added it to my queue: Because this is the latest by Alexander Payne (Election, Sideways and others), who I'm a big fan of; starring George Clooney, who I'm also a big fan of; which happened to also be a major piece of Oscar bait last awards season (and in fact won for Best Adapted Screenplay), always an easy justification for adding something to my queue.

The reality: Pretty great, I gotta say; although astute fans of indie cinema should be aware that this has a very similar feel and tone to Michael Winterbottom's Genova, not that that's a bad thing at all but just that I found it curious. Based on a novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings, it's the tale of the latest patriarch of a mixed-race Hawaiian family of particular fame -- starting with a marriage in the 1800s between a member of the old Hawaiian royalty and one of the white Victorians who eventually took over the islands, a massive amount of pristine coastal real%

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