June 29, 2012

It's day eleven of the Ben Tanzer/Laura Szumowski virtual book tour!

Ben Tanzer and Laura Szumowski: The New York Stories Tour 2012

It's day eleven of the Ben Tanzer/Laura Szumowski virtual book tour for The New York Stories! And once again, internet problems here at home prevented me from getting yesterday's update posted, so let me go ahead and point that out to you -- it was a guest essay by Ben over at the blog of writer Curt Bledsoe, where he talks in detail about how the first half of The New York Stories is all about the ways that children are affected by the screw-ups of their fathers, while the second half is a look at how these problems fester and sometimes repeat themselves once those children become parents themselves. It's an interesting behind-the-scenes look at what conceptually went into writing these stories, so I encourage you to stop by and check it out when you have a chance. We're still waiting right now for today's stop, which is actually a pretty cool half-hour audio talk at Another Chicago Magazine between Ben and Laura, all about Laura's career as a visual artist and what went into making this book (recorded by and featuring a few additional questions from yours truly), which I'll make sure to link to here once it's live (UPDATE: it's live!); but in the meanwhile, since this is the first day that Laura officially now joins the tour, I wanted to make a mention of all the places you'll be able to find her as well over the next two weeks...

Friday, 6/29: Another Chicago Magazine (with Ben)
Monday, 7/2: The Next Best Book Blog (with Ben)
Tuesday, 7/3: Tim Frederick
Wednesday, 7/4: Caleb J. Ross
Thursday, 7/5: Artifice Magazine (with Ben)
Friday, 7/6: Mark R. Brand
Monday, 7/9: Untoward Magazine
Wednesday, 7/11: Big Other
Thursday, 7/12: David David Katzman
Friday, 7/13: Orange Alert Podcast

And of course don't forget that Ben still has another week of touring left to go too -- along with his dual stops on Monday and Thursday with Laura, he will be at Dead End Follies next Tuesday and WordPlaySound on Thursday, marking finally the end of his particular leg of the tour. It continues to be a busy time for CCLaP's authors (Mark R. Brand hits the virtual road just a week after Laura gets back), so I hope you're having a chance to check in every day and learn a lot more about the center's books and our writers!

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