June 18, 2012

Welcome to the Ben Tanzer/Laura Szumowski virtual book tour!

Ben Tanzer and Laura Szumowski: The New York Stories Tour 2012

Excelsior! Today's the official kickoff of Ben Tanzer and Laura Szumowski's virtual tours for their CCLaP illustrated story collaboration from last Christmas, The New York Stories! Or actually, the tour technically kicked off last Friday with an early appearance at the blog Mourning Goats, which is why today I have both that link to share with you and the tour stop that went up this morning, over at the blog of our buddy Caleb J. Ross. For those who don't remember, this book was a special paper compilation we put together of two of Ben's older electronic books for the center, 2008's Repetition Patterns and 2011's So Different Now; and with both of them story collections set in the same dark, crumbling, upstate New York town, I always thought it would be nice to eventually have a special compilation of all these stories put together in one volume, so last fall commissioned local visual artist Laura Szumowski to create thirty brand-new illustrations to go with them, including six in full color that were inserted into the manuscript via vellum sheets, and with the book itself including such luxury touches as (faux) suede covers, decorative endpapers, oversized dimensions, cotton pages and external Coptic stitching. Now it's six months later, and I thought I'd get both Ben and Laura out on the virtual highway for about a month altogether to talk in detail about the book, as well as the process of working together for the first time. Ben's tour is coming first, and will consist of the following stops -- if you're coming here in the future, any stop listed below with an active link is now online...

Friday, 6/15: Mourning Goats
Monday, 6/18: Caleb J. Ross
Tuesday, 6/19: Ryan Bradley
Wednesday, 6/20: Pete Anderson
Thursday, 6/21: Baby Got Books
Monday, 6/25: Mel Bosworth
Tuesday, 6/26: Patricia Ann McNair
Wednesday, 6/27: Curbside Splendor
Thursday, 6/28: Cort Bledsoe
Friday, 6/29: Another Chicago Magazine (with Laura)
Monday, 7/2: The Next Best Book Blog (with Laura)
Tuesday, 7/3: Dead End Follies
Wednesday, 7/4: WordPlaySound
Thursday, 7/5: Artifice Magazine (with Laura)

And then Laura's tour kicks off on June 29th, with a special double-interview that she and Ben are doing for Another Chicago Magazine, then lasting for a full two weeks after that (or until Friday, July 13th); but we're still working out the final details on that, so her line-up won't be getting announced until next week. UPDATE: Laura's tour detailed below...

Friday, 6/29: Another Chicago Magazine (with Ben)
Monday, 7/2: The Next Best Book Blog (with Ben)
Tuesday, 7/3: Baby Got Books
Wednesday, 7/4: Caleb J. Ross
Thursday, 7/5: Artifice Magazine (with Ben)
Friday, 7/6: Mark R. Brand
Monday, 7/9: Untoward Magazine
Wednesday, 7/11: Big Other
Thursday, 7/12: David David Katzman

The New York Stories: eBook Edition

Oh, and I have two very big pieces of news to announce about this book as well, to coincide with this virtual tour: not only is the price of the deluxe paper edition being permanently dropped from US$75 to $50, an entire third off, but for the first time we are now offering a completely free electronic PDF version of this illustrated edition as well! I had been holding off on this to help drive paper sales, with the actual contents of the book still available electronically through the So Different Now and Repetition Patterns pages; but this new PDF now has all the stories put together like the paper edition, complete with Laura's thirty illustrations (including digital reproductions of vellum sheets for the color ones), the entire thing laid out in exactly the same cutting-edge way as the paper edition only now reformatted for easy printout on a home laserprinter (8.5 x 11 for Americans, A4 for Europeans). And even better, I'm not making people go through the rigamarole of a "pay what you want" process this time, but just offering the direct download links right on the main New York Stories page, so I hope you'll have a chance to stop by and download the illustrated PDF yourself soon. Anyway, I encourage you to become a "virtual groupie" for this tour and to follow along from blog to blog each day -- I'll be posting links here each day, so always come back here for the latest -- and I hope you're looking as forward as I am to learning more about the process between Ben and Laura that went into making this gorgeous and highly entertaining book.

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