July 12, 2012

Hey, Chicagoans! Come out to our show tonight at Women & Children First!

Women & Children First Bookstore, Chicago

We haven't had a chance to promote this much, and we forgot to make a Facebook event page, and the line-up seemingly keeps changing every couple of days, but I wanted to let all you Chicagoans know that we're doing an all-CCLaP, all-female reading tonight at the great Women & Children First Bookstore in the Edgewater neighborhood, 5233 N. Clark. (Or actually, since performer Katherine Scott Nelson is transgendered, technically it's an "all-CCLaP, all-non-penis-owning reading" tonight, but we found that difficult to fit on the postcard.) I believe the current line-up is Katherine, Lauryn Allison Lewis and Traci Kim, with Lauryn being the main organizer and host of tonight's proceedings; all of their books will be for sale, lots of other CCLaP people will be in attendance, and we'll all probably go out for a drink afterwards, so it promises to be a fun night. Things start at 7pm, so I hope you'll have a chance to come out and join us!

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