July 4, 2012

It's day fourteen (and thirteen) of the Ben Tanzer/Laura Szumowski virtual book tour!

Ben Tanzer and Laura Szumowski: The New York Stories Tour 2012

It's day fourteen of the Ben Tanzer/Laura Szumowski virtual book tour for The New York Stories! And just like I've been dealing with the last several weeks, severe problems with my home internet connection kept me from making an update yesterday, so I have all kinds of links to share with you today -- yesterday, for example, Laura hung out with Tim Frederick of Baby Got Books, where they conducted an interesting talk about the process of illustrating this book, while Ben was over at Dead End Follies, who did a really nice write-up about the second half of this collection, released as its own standalone ebook called So Different Now. Then today Ben stopped by the lit/audio website WordPlaySound, who are currently featuring two live performances Ben has recently given here in Chicago in the last few weeks; while Laura is hanging out with our old friend Caleb J. Ross, where not only is her New York Stories work featured but also some of the work she's done for her own press. It's going to be pretty miserable outside for most of the United States today, so do yourself a favor, stay in this afternoon, and check out all four of these interesting posts when you have a chance. Oh, and don't forget to stop by again tomorrow as well, when Ben and Laura will once again be teaming up for a group interview, this time with the great local writer James Tadd Adcox for Artifice magazine.

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