July 13, 2012

It's day twenty-one (and the very last day) of the Ben Tanzer/Laura Szumowski virtual book tour!

Ben Tanzer and Laura Szumowski: The New York Stories Tour 2012

It's day twenty-one of the Ben Tanzer/Laura Szumowski virtual book tour for The New York Stories! Today Laura is hanging out with fellow CCLaP artist and local bizarro author David David Katzman, where the two talk at length about Laura's career, her own books, and her unique visual style. I encourage you to check it out when you have a chance. And hey, after an entire month if you count weekends, that finally brings us to the close of Ben and Laura's tour! This one was twice as long as usual, since we were featuring two people instead of one, so I want to thank both you for sticking in there and all the bloggers who enthusiastically volunteered to be a part of this particular tour; Ben and Laura have a lot of fans not just among the general population but especially among their fellow creatives, and it was gratifying to see so many people who wanted a chance to talk with them about this particular title. And man, we're right into a new one again starting Monday, when science-fiction author Mark R. Brand hits the information superhighway for two weeks to plug his novel Life After Sleep from about a year ago. I'll hope you'll have a chance to follow that tour as well!

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