August 7, 2012

CCLaP Podcast 93: Author Patrick Wensink

CCLaP Podcast 93: Author Patrick Wensink

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It's Monday Tuesday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. Today: It's my talk with Louisville author Patrick Wensink, whose bizarro novel Broken Piano for President recently became a national viral sensation, after receiving "The Most Polite Cease And Desist Letter In History" from Jack Daniels. Also featuring the music of The Monitors and Gotye.

Links to the things and people mentioned in today's episode:
Patrick Wensink
Sex Dungeon for Sale! / CCLaP's review of Sex Dungeon for Sale!
Eraserhead Press
Lazy Fascist Press
Black Hole Blues / CCLaP's review of Black Hole Blues
Broken Piano for President / CCLaP's review of Broken Piano for President
Publishers Weekly review of Broken Piano for President
Boing Boing: 'The Most Polite Cease and Desist Letter in History' (Related: CCLaP's interview with Cory Doctorow)
The 'Jack Daniels Incident:' TIME / Huffington Post / Forbes
Reading Under the Influence
The Monitors

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