September 28, 2012

Ten days and counting for CCLaP's newest book!

Famous Drownings in Literary History, paper cover

Sorry as always for the lack of updates here at the website this week; and that's because we're now a mere ten days away from the release of our newest book, the essay collection Famous Drownings in Literary History by Ohio professor Kevin Haworth! Kevin's the first non-Chicago author we've ever published, and so that has changed our work schedule somewhat; he's being featured at a big Ohio event called the "Writers Harvest" (in Athens on October 10th), so our crunch time for the book has actually been here two weeks before release, instead of the usual one week before. I'm happy to say, though, that everything besides the final crowd-sourced proofreading is now finished, and that I'm hard at work as we speak cranking out the special covers for the paper edition, featuring a gorgeous new illustration by our pal Laura Szumowski, who of course was also the creator of our "angry girl" logo as well as the main illustrator of last year's The New York Stories by Ben Tanzer. (By the way, we'll have some special news to announce about The New York Stories in November, just in time for its one-year anniversary; but more on that when the date arrives.) Anyway, as always, I appreciate your patience during these periods when we have too much to do and not enough time or manpower to do it; it's always the blog that suffers in those situations, something I hate but that is often unavoidable. (And don't forget, by the way, that we're always on the lookout for great book reviewers to help pick up the slack precisely in these kinds of situations; to express an interest and learn more, just drop me a line at cclapcenter [at]

Oh, and speaking of the proofreading process, don't forget that we're still on the lookout for volunteer "beta testers" of the book, to help us find all the misspelled words and wrong punctuation that we missed during the main editing process; again just drop me a line at the above address to express an interest. And of course don't forget that we're accepting pre-orders of the book right now as we speak, which unlike previous titles will actually ship this time before the official release date of October 8th (hallelujah!), for those who would like to get a jump start on receiving their own copy. I hope you'll have a chance to take advantage of this; and in the meanwhile, back to the usual reviews and photo features starting again this coming Monday!

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