September 3, 2012

The day is here! CCLaP's Podcast Dreadful has begun!

CCLaP's Podcast Dreadful 1

Excelsior! After months of preparation, I'm happy to announce that CCLaP's new serial fiction audiobook anthology, A Podcast Dreadful, officially begins today! As regulars know, every fall I like to publish a new compilation of themed short work here at the center, as a way of supporting all those hard-working short-fiction writers out there since we usually concentrate on only full-length stories; and this year I thought it'd be fun to do this compilation as an audiobook, inspired by my love for Victorian "penny dreadful" publications from the 1800s. I've lined up a whole series of writers from all across the United States for it, each of whom have penned a brand-new serialized story, anywhere from three to twelve chapters in length and with each of those chapters ending on a little cliffhanger, each of them around five minutes or so when performed out loud; each episode of the podcast, then, will contain four or five of these stories, the shorter ones replaced by others as this series continues this fall. The series will consist of twelve episodes altogether, every Monday in September, October and November, so I hope you'll have a chance to follow along with them all.

Oh, and hey, Chicagoans! We'll be doing episode #4 in front of a live audience! That'll be on Friday, September 21st at 7pm, down at Quimby's Bookstore in the Wicker Park neighborhood, and will feature performances from local authors Davis Schneiderman, Jason Fisk and Jacob S. Knabb, as well as real-time radio-style sound effects being done in the background by a volunteer crew. The evening will also feature free food and beer, as well as a chance to buy other CCLaP merchandise, so I hope all you locals will be able to make it. Much more about all these things coming to blog over the next few weeks, so make sure to tune in again for more!

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