October 15, 2012

Hey, fellow Goodreaders! Win a copy of our new book!

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Famous Drownings in Literary History by Kevin Haworth

Famous Drownings in Literary History

by Kevin Haworth

Giveaway ends November 13, 2012.

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Of all my daily online destinations, perhaps my favorite is literary social network Goodreads.com, best described as "Facebook for book nerds;" and starting with our newest book, the essay collection Famous Drownings in Literary History by Kevin Haworth that just came out last week, CCLaP will be participating in one of the most popular things over there at Goodreads, namely that we're giving away five paper copies of the book in exchange for people writing honest reviews afterwards at their account. This is not a cheap thing for a basement press like us to take on, and is being done specifically because of the frustration of seeing a hundred people there add our newest books to their "to read" lists upon release day just to never get around to actually reading them, so I hope you'll help us make this promotion a success so that we can be justified in doing it with all our new releases in the future as well. Anyway, you can use the above widget to request a copy, or click on this link to see all the details; and please note that it's Goodreads itself who picks the five winners, and that it's apparently not done at random either, but rather is a combination of how similar your library is to the book we're giving away, how many reviews you write on a regular basis, and how many giveaways you've participated in before. Oh, and if you just want to download a free ebook version and read it that way, by all means make sure to stop by the book's main online headquarters and pick up a copy that way. I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say!

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