January 18, 2013

CCLaP Photo Feature: Katherine Hodges, 'deadmalls'

CCLaP Photo Feature: Katherine Hodges, 'deadmalls'

CCLaP is starting a monthly magazine this year! It will consist mainly of the book reviews and other essays we've posted at the blog in the last month; but to help fill each issue with new content, we've decided to start a series of weekly photography features here concentrating on just one individual artist, 15 to 20 images laid out in a ten-page PDF, offered for free download or to view in "embedded" form on a webpage. All four of these features in a month will then be added to all the book reviews that month, plus a brand-new piece of short fiction, and offered for a $50 yearly subscription (or $5 an issue) at Amazon and iTunes.

Our January 18th feature profiles the work of Katherine Hodges, who for the last year has been going all over the Midwest shooting malls with occupancy rates of only 50 to 10 percent, just full enough to stay open but with spooky, abandoned interiors that look like dystopian science-fiction movies. You can view it on this page right this minute by using the interface above (if you're on a device with Adobe Flash), or use the link below to visit the page at Issuu.com that makes that embedded version work; or you can right-click on the other link below to download the PDF to your home computer and view it that way. This will also appear in issue #1 of the CCLaP Journal, coming to the Amazon and iTunes Newsstands this coming February 4th. If you'd like to suggest your own work for a feature, just drop me a line at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com!

CCLaP Photo Feature: Katherine Hodges, 'deadmalls' (PDF; right-click)
CCLaP Photo Feature: Katherine Hodges, 'deadmalls' (online at Issuu.com)

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