January 15, 2013

CCLaP Podcast 96: Author George Saunders

CCLaP Podcast 96: Author George Saunders

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It's Monday Tuesday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. Today: To kick off 2013 and the seventh year of the podcast, we're proud to present a half-hour talk with famed author George Saunders, a Guggenheim and MacArthur grant winner who has appeared in the past on David Letterman and The Daily Show. George's newest book just came out last week, which brought him to Chicago for the start of his national tour, where we were also joined by fellow podcaster and CCLaP science-fiction author Mark R. Brand. Also featuring the music of Jason Grove and Slowdim.

Links to the things and people mentioned in today's episode:
George Saunders
Saunders' Objectivism article
MacArthur Grant
Tenth of December
Jason Grove

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Download the MP4 (31.9 megs)

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