February 5, 2013

METAPOST: Meet Lori Hettler, CCLaP's new marketing director

Meet Lori Hettler, CCLaP's new marketing director

Although I'm grateful for all the unexpected successes that CCLaP has been having in the last six months, the surprise growth has actually been causing some scaling problems (he says, staring at the 60 books in his apartment that currently need to be read and reviewed); and so among other things, this year I will be expanding the center's paid staff quite a bit, including three new book reviewers besides Karl Wolff and myself (which of course is the whole reason we're starting a new monthly magazine out of our blog content too, as a way to generate the money to pay these writers). And I'm happy to announce yet another new person to the CCLaP staff, Lori Hettler based out of Pennsylvania, who is coming on this week as our new marketing director, a position we've sorely needed for a long time.

Lori is the founder and runner of The Next Best Book Club, which for a long time was the most popular user group in the entire system at Goodreads.com, among the 13 million people now there; and to calm her fans, rest assured that she will still be running that group and accompanying blog, just that they will no longer be doing reviews of CCLaP titles there. Lori will be working exclusively on the goal I set for the organization last Christmas, when summing up the previous year and looking forward to what I wanted to accomplish during this one: that is, now that we're generating a tremendous amount of great original content every year, I want to concentrate more on the behind-the-scenes work of getting each of these projects to be generating more revenue, including getting our books into a lot more stores, getting them submitted to a lot more awards and grant programs, and getting them reviewed at a lot more places, both traditional publications and litblogs. That's why you won't actually be hearing much from Lori here at our website; but I did want to at least get her introduced to all of you here, because I'm a big admirer of everything Lori has done with TNBBC, and I'm excited to have her doing some work for us now. There are some big changes afoot here at CCLaP over the next year -- we're finally getting ISBNs and Library of Congress numbers for all our titles, will be starting our first monthly reading series this fall, and of course have already started our new weekly PDF photographer features -- and I'm glad to have Lori officially onboard now and helping us with all of these things. I'm hoping these steps and others will allow us to keep up with the unexpected growth we've been experiencing lately, and I'm excited about being able to share the fruits of this labor with all of you as the months continue.

Mock-up of CCLaP Journal #1 cover

Mock-up of Ben Tanzer's story in CCLaP Journal #1

Mock-up of our George Saunders interview in CCLaP Journal #1

Oh, and as long as I'm here, let me also apologize for the lack of updates recently; at the same time that I'm finally finishing up the last owed copies of last year's holiday book, David David Katzman's The Kickstarter Letters (for sale to the general public soon!), I'm also hard at work on issue #1 of the "CCLaP Journal," our new monthly magazine I mentioned above. As you can see in these samples, the magazine is so far coming out great, and I suspect will look even sharper on the screen of an iPad or Kindle Fire, so I'm hopeful about this being a hit over at iTunes and Amazon for $5 an issue ($4 per issue when buying an annual subscription), even with a free PDF version that will be available directly here at the website. (And yes, traditional readers, a paper version will be available too!) That will be available hopefully in another week or so, once I first finish up the magazine then figure out how to set up new magazine accounts at iTunes and Amazon, so I will of course let all of you know when it's ready. Huzzah!

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