May 8, 2013

Book Review: "Connecting Two Worlds" by Anthony T Simeone

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Connecting Two Worlds, by Anthony Simeone

Connecting Two Worlds: An Environmental Journey From Peace Corps To Present
By Anthony Simeone
Peace Corps Writers
Reviewed by Yair Ben-Zvi

Though this kind of book is not my usual milieu it was an interesting, if foggy, read. Many issues of great importance (overpopulation and the ensuing over taxation of the planet's resources and the price the world and its people are paying because of it all) are brought up and although Simeone doesn't suggest much in the way of resolving these problems outside of a few generalized vagaries, he elucidates the issues in such a way as to make them compelling and worth listening to without overplaying his authorial hand. The book lacks in depth and could have used some substantial editing but, overall, it's a solid treatise on the world as it is today and how much is "...rotten in the state of Denmark" as someone else once said.

Out of 10: 6.3

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