May 28, 2013

CCLaP's newest book, Maureen Foley's 'Women Float,' is finally here!

Women Float, by Maureen Foley

Excelsior! CCLaP's second original book of 2013 is now officially out! It's a female relationship dramedy called Women Float by California author Maureen Foley, and I think most of you are going to find it a really delightful summer treat, a funny and touching story you can take to the beach but don't have to be embarrassed by taking to the beach. Here's the synopsis below, for those who want to know a little more...

Lonely California pastry chef Win never learned how to swim, despite growing up just miles from the Pacific Ocean. Even Janie, her flaky pro-surfer single mother, couldn't convince her to brave the water, solidifying Win's fear when she leaves her at the tender age of 9. But when Win turns 29 and decides to take swimming lessons for the first time -- finally confronting her hydrophobia and trying to make sense of why her mer-mother suddenly swam off all those years ago -- she must also deal with a desperate crush she's developed on her New Age neighbor, mysterious postcards that keep arriving in the mail, and her bad habit of pathological lying. This touching and humorous look at female relationships and the dramas that come for contemporary women turning thirty also doubles as a loving ode to the small coastal town of Carpinteria and the laid-back SoCal lifestyle that guides it. Poetic and moving, Maureen Foley's fiction debut is both a perfect beach read and an insightful look at love, accidental families and the power of friendships.

Women Float, by Maureen Foley

As always, the electronic version of Women Float is being offered on a "pay what you want" scheme, with "pay nothing" being a perfectly valid option that still results in the same full version as everyone else; and don't forget that starting earlier this year, we even changed our checkout system into a "one-click" one for those who are downloading for free, just to make things a little easier. Of course, we highly encourage you to also purchase a copy of the special handmade, hardbound "Hypermodern" paper edition of the book, only US$20 for the version with recycled paper ($25 for one with cotton sheets), with your choice of either cheaper/slower shipping or faster/more expensive. (Hold tight, pre-order customers! At this point we're simply waiting for the post office to deliver the provenance statements that Mo recently signed there in California; as soon as they show up, your pre-order copies go in the mail the next morning.)

As this week continues, we'll have more stuff going up here regarding the book, including a critical "passing the torch" essay by Eleanor Stanford, CCLaP's last published author, as well as a longer essay from me on why I signed the book in the first place; and then next week I step on a plane and head out to southern California for the book's release party, and while there I will be interviewing Mo with my digital recorder for the next episode of the CCLaP Podcast. But in the meanwhile, you can stop by this book's listing at right now, which frankly I'd like to very plainly beg you to do; especially now that they're owned by Amazon, Goodreads is rapidly becoming the de facto first destination on the entire internet when people want to learn more about a book, and a full and busy page over there goes a long way towards selling more copies to strangers, something legitimately very helpful you can do to help us out that won't cost you even a penny. It's important to me that everyone has a chance to check out our books, even if they can't afford to buy a copy, which is why we offer the free versions with no DRM and under a Creative Commons license; so I hope you'll return the favor and do a little free advertising for us online, whether that's at social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more, or by doing an actual review of the book at Goodreads, Amazon or your blog. Anyway, much more about all this as the week continues, but for now I hope you'll have a chance to stop by the book's online headquarters and download a copy right this moment.

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