May 20, 2013

It's day one of Kevin Haworth's virtual book tour!

Kevin Haworth: The Famous Drownings Book Tour 2013

All right! It's time once again for another one of CCLaP's virtual book tours! This time we're sending Ohio professor Kevin Haworth out on the information superhighway, to promote his book Famous Drownings in Literary History: Essays about 21st Century Jewishness, which originally came out last fall. Kevin's book has been doing incredibly well in the ensuing seven months, garnering a legitimate cult audience among academic hipsters and hipster academes, so we thought it was finally time to send him around to some of our favorite blogs and have him talk about the book some more, and hopefully garner it the even larger audience it deserves. The tour will be taking place every weekday for the next two weeks, so I hope you'll have a chance to come by every day and check out the latest (or, as always, get notices about new tour stops at our Facebook or Twitter accounts). Today Kevin is at the great Cobalt Review, where he has turned in a guest essay about the merits and limitations of short prose pieces versus long ones. Please stop by again tomorrow for more!

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