May 28, 2013

It's week two of Kevin Haworth's virtual book tour!

Kevin Haworth: The Famous Drownings Book Tour 2013

Oh no! Frantic final work on our newest book coming out today, plus a case of the flu I picked up here in a suddenly cold and dreary Chicago, prevented me from getting many daily updates posted here to the blog last week regarding Kevin Haworth's virtual book tour, in support of Famous Drownings in Literary History: Essays about 21st Century Jewishness. (But don't forget, you can always get more frequent real-time updates about things like these, plus notices about new reviews and features, at either our Facebook or Twitter accounts.) Anyway, here's what you missed last week if you didn't get to follow along at the social networks...

On Monday Kevin was at Cobalt Review, turning in a guest essay about the challenges of writing full-length books versus short stories.

On Tuesday Kevin stopped by Love At First Book, where he talked in detail about the three small presses that have put out his three books, and what the similarities and differences turned out to be between them.

On Wednesday Kevin was hanging out with our own Lori Hettler, over at Lori's website "The Next Best Book Club," showing off and talking a little about the nook-like area of his house where he does his writing.

On Thursday Kevin was at The Literary Man blog, where he had a chance to reprint one of the stories from the book, the wonderfully minimalist "What's There: or, Essay Found on Sandwich Wrapper."

On Friday Kevin got to stop by Between The Covers, where he did a special MP3 reading of his story "The News from Bulgaria," which you can either download or stream right this moment.

And yesterday Kevin was hanging out with our old buddy and fellow author Ben Tanzer; specifically, Ben actually did a little video about the book and his thoughts on it.

The book tour continues chugging along all through the rest of this week, so I hope you'll have a chance to come by every day and check out the latest, and my apologies again for getting behind on the daily updates.

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