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Book Review: "Sick Justice: Inside the American Gulag," by Ivan G. Goldman | August 30, 2013
This week Karl Wolff reviews Ivan G. Goldman's scathing indictment of the US justice system, "Sick Justice: Inside the American Gulag." | Read entire entry

CCLaP Podcast 102: Live from the 'Sad Robot Stories' release party | August 26, 2013
Today on the CCLaP Podcast, it's a special 90-minute live recording from last weekend's release party for Mason Johnson's "Sad Robot Stories." Featuring performances from Johnson, Dan Shapiro, Chris Terry, Shanny Jean, Terd Macchio, Hillary Stone & Tom Simmons, Lindsay Hunter, and Don De Grazia. | Read entire entry

The NSFW Files: "The Story of O," by Pauline Reage | August 23, 2013
This week's installment of The NSFW Files has Karl Wolff exploring Pauline Reage's controversial novel, "The Story of O," about a woman's quest to become sexually dominated. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "Tampa" by Alissa Nutting | August 19, 2013
(CCLaP is dedicated to reviewing as many contemporary books as possible, including self-published volumes; click here to learn how to submit your own book for possible review, although be warned that it needs to have been published within the last... | Read entire entry

Book Review: "Island of the White Rose," by R. Ira Harris | August 16, 2013
This week Karl Wolff reviews R. Ira Harris's debut historical novel, "Island of the White Rose," about a priest losing his faith in the Catholic Church and dealing with the betrayals of the Batista and Castro regimes. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "Onward Toward What We're Going Toward" by Ryan Bartelmay | August 12, 2013
Today's book review: The dysfunctional family dramedy "Onward Toward What We're Going Toward," by local author Ryan Bartelmay. Says reviewer Travis Fortney, "[It's] a novel with an identity crisis, one that can't quite decide what it is, and so doesn't quite succeed in making us feel anything." | Read entire entry

Rejoice, humans! "Sad Robot Stories" is here! | August 12, 2013
Rejoice, humans! It's release day for CCLaP Publishing's 20th official project, local author Mason Johnson's hilarious, heartbreaking full-length debut "Sad Robot Stories." Click through for many more details about it all, as well as a link to where you can download a free ebook copy right this moment. | Read entire entry

CCLaP Podcast 101: Author Mason Johnson | August 12, 2013
Today on the CCLaP Podcast: It's a half-hour talk with Chicago writer Mason Johnson, author of the center's newest book, the absurdist science-fiction tale "Sad Robot Stories." | Read entire entry

Book Review: "God and the Fascists," by Karlheinz Deschner | August 9, 2013
This week Karl Wolff reviews the controversial classic, "God and the Fascists" by Karlheinz Deschner, which asserts the Vatican partnered with fascist regimes in order to crush European Bolshevism. | Read entire entry

CCLaP Mini-review: "Pyramid of Skulls," by Martin Fruchtman | August 7, 2013
Karl Wolff reviews "Pyramid of Skulls," by Martin Fruchtman, a spellbinding historical novel about Timur the Lame, the 14th century Central Asian conqueror, that reads like an epic fantasy novel. | Read entire entry

CCLaP Rare: "Beau Geste" (1924), by P.C. Wren (First American Edition [1925], First Printing) | August 7, 2013
Today, a new eBay auction from CCLaP's rare book collection -- in this case, an extremely rare TRUE first American edition of the French Foreign Legion book that started them all, P.C. Wren's eternally popular "Beau Geste." Not a single other copy of this 1925 pre-movie first edition is currently being sold at eBay, ABEbooks or Amazon! Don't let this legitimate piece of history pass you by! | Read entire entry

Book Review: "Among the Bloodpeople: Politics and Flesh," by Thomas Glave | August 2, 2013
This week Karl Wolff reviews "Among the Bloodpeople: Politics and Flesh" by Thomas Glave, who confronts the bigotry of his Jamaican heritage with words political, erotic, and poetic. | Read entire entry

CCLaP Podcast 100: Author Ben Tanzer | August 1, 2013
Today on the CCLaP Podcast: To celebrate episode #100, it's our fifth talk with our old pal Ben Tanzer. In the year and a half since he was last on, he has published an amazing five new books, and today we talk about them all in detail. Plus at the end, a special exclusive deal for podcast listeners on Cobalt Press's "Four Fathers" Kickstarter campaign, ending this coming Monday! | Read entire entry