August 1, 2013

CCLaP Podcast 100: Author Ben Tanzer

CCLaP Podcast 100: Author Ben Tanzer

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It's Monday Thursday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. Today: To celebrate episode #100, it's our fifth talk with our old pal Ben Tanzer. In the year and a half since he was last on, he has published an amazing five new books, and today we talk about them all in detail. Plus at the end, a special exclusive deal for podcast listeners on Cobalt Press's "Four Fathers" Kickstarter campaign, ending this coming Monday! Also featuring the music of City 2 City and Hunter Hunted.

Links to the things and people mentioned in today's episode:
Ben Tanzer
Daddy Cool
Go the F**k to Sleep
I Am
Vanilla Ice's thoughts on "Under Pressure"
The New York Stories
The 27th Mile
99 Problems / "The Long Haul" Google Map
CCLaP's review of "Radiant Days"
Joseph Peterson
Cobalt Review
"Four Fathers" Kickstarter campaign
City 2 City
Hunter Hunted

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