August 12, 2013

Rejoice, humans! "Sad Robot Stories" is here!

Sad Robot Stories, by Mason Johnson

The day is here! After an entire summer of hype, CCLaP Publishing is proud to finally announce its twentieth official project, Mason Johnson's absurdist science-fiction tale Sad Robot Stories. For those who don't know, this is Mason's full-length fiction debut, although he's already amassed a large cult following for the short, punchy work he's been performing for the last several years in various open mics around the city, as well as the electronic chapbooks he's been publishing online. And to be sure, this is a different side of Mason's work than most of his existing fans are used to -- yes, funny and strange like always, but with a genuine pathos and poignancy as well, with an ending that has already made several early reviewers (myself included) cry out loud like a little baby. The depth and weight of this book is going to take a lot of people by surprise, I believe, and I feel it marks the official start of Mason being taken much more seriously as a leading writer of his generation.

Sad Robot Stories, the Hypermodern Edition

As always, the book is being offered for free "one-click" download at its online headquarters, which is where you can also order a copy of the handmade hardback version seen above; or all you Kindle owners can purchase the book directly from Amazon for $4.99, if you feel like having the book delivered wirelessly directly to your device. (There's a free Kindle version at our website as well, just that you have to email it first to your "Send to Kindle" address once you download it, or move it to your device via USB cord.) And as always, the book has a listing over at; all of us here at CCLaP are heavy daily users of this fantastic literary social network, so it would mean a whole lot to us if you would add the title to your own library there, and especially if you could post a few thoughts there after reading the book, easily the number-one way we have right now of picking up new fans of our titles. And there is lots of supplemental information about the book heading your way over the next few weeks as well; for example, just a little earlier today I got a new podcast interview posted with Mason, where we talk all about his background, his education, the origins for this book, his opinions about the so-called "alt-lit" scene, and a lot more. I have to say, I know I'm biased, but I really, really love this book that Mason has put together, the rare title that made me both laugh out loud and sob in public in one sitting, and I have a strong feeling that if you're already a regular fan of what we do around here at CCLaP, you're really going to love it too. I urge you to stop by the book's web headquarters and download a copy right this moment.

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