September 9, 2013

Say hello to CCLaP's newest book, Mark R. Brand's "Long Live Us!"

Long Live Us, by Mark R. Brand

Things are really speeding along here at CCLaP this fall, and just a month after the release of our last book, we have yet another new one to announce -- the speculative story collection Long Live Us by Chicago author Mark R. Brand! If Mark's name sounds familiar, it's because he's already published a book with us in the past, the day-after-tomorrow Crichtonesque tech-thriller Life After Sleep back in 2011, a perennial seller for us that has racked up a slew of accolades by now. Mark has ended up entering and leaving graduate school since then, now with an MA under his belt from DePaul University, and this new book clearly reflects this; more complex and poetic than anything Mark has written before, this is not only a fine sci-fi collection (which it is) but also contains several non-genre literary-fiction gems as well, plus a hilariously dark Great Depression tall tale that has already started receiving quite a bit of online buzz. Existing fans of Mark's will be even bigger ones after reading this newest book, and I suspect that he'll be picking up a lot of new fans with it that he didn't have before, so I encourage you to go check the book out right this moment if you have a chance.

Long Live Us: The Hypermodern Paper Edition

As always with CCLaP, Long Live Us is available as a "one-click" free download (although we definitely appreciate your voluntary payment as well), in a total of four formats -- PDFs for both American and European laserprinters, EPUB for most mobile devices (including iPads and iPhones, Kobos, Nooks, Sony Readers and more), and MOBI specifically and exclusively for the Amazon Kindle. (You'll want to email it to your "Send To Kindle" address after downloading it, or transfer it physically with your USB cable; or to save yourself the trouble, you can just buy a copy for $4.99 at the Kindle Store starting later today. [UPDATE: Kindle Store edition now live!]) And also as always with CCLaP, those who want a more traditional reading experience, or who simply want to own a great-looking "art book" for a low cost, can purchase the handmade hardback edition seen above, each one literally made from scratch by me here in my Uptown apartment. I'm getting together with Mark on Wednesday to talk about the book for the podcast, and there will be some other supplemental bonuses coming soon as well; but for now I wanted to remind you about the book's page at, and to urge my fellow GRers to add the title to their library and especially to post a few thoughts about it after you're done reading it. For a tiny press like us, word of mouth is the number-one way we generate new sales, with Goodreads being the number-one destination on the planet for good word-of-mouth on new books; so if you've always wanted to help out CCLaP in some way but have never had the money to do so financially, posting some nice thoughts about our books at Goodreads is a fantastic way to legitimately help us out profoundly, without having to spend a single penny.

Like I said, much more about this book as the next few weeks continue, but for now I hope you'll have a chance to stop by the book's online headquarters right this minute, to either download or order a copy for yourself.

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