September 12, 2013

We're hiring a new book reviewer!

As a small programming note, we're sadly saying goodbye here at CCLaP this week to book reviewer Yair Ben-Zvi; his studies and day job are just becoming too much for him to continue here, a balancing challenge that we're all too aware of ourselves. I thought Yair's essays here at the blog were always fascinating and interesting, and I'm sad to see him go. But the good news is that this means we're hiring a book reviewer again! And to be clear right off the bat, I'm EXTREMELY PICKY over who I choose to be reviewers here, because there is an extremely specific set of skills I'm looking for in a CCLaP essayist, summed up best as a series of contradictions: you should be funny but not silly; erudite but not pretentious; insightful but not academic; opinionated but not a troll; familiar with the highbrow but a fan of the lowbrow; both a genre and lit-fic reader; an existing fan of alt- and indie-lit but familiar enough with popular books to be able to have conversations about them; and able to churn out at least one long analytical thousand-word essay every single week (usually of books you pick and secure yourself, via library, requesting it from the publisher, NetGalley, Smashwords, Edelweiss, Goodreads and LibraryThing giveaways, personal purchase, etc), as well as another short one-paragraph review every week (usually of books purposely sent to us by publishers and authors, which will be assigned to you as mandatory reading).

The CCLaP Journal

And in return -- yes, you'll get paid! And that's through the monthly magazine CCLaP puts together of all our blog content, the CCLaP Journal; it's sadly been on hiatus since way back in March, but now that all the summer craziness concerning our books is over, I'm going to be getting back into the habit of putting this out every month. It's free when downloaded directly at the website, but there are also specially formatted versions for $5 at both Amazon and iTunes, as well as a print-on-demand paper edition; all book reviewers get $1 of each sale, as does the person who's coming on board right now to take over our photographer features (but more on this in the future), with the remaining 50 cents or however much it is after Amazon/Apple fees going to CCLaP. As you can see, this will vary from month to month; but if we can start getting a good-looking product out on a consistent monthly basis, I don't see any reason why all book reviewers at CCLaP shouldn't be making at least a couple hundred dollars per month.

To express your interest, please drop me a line at cclapcenter [at] with at least three sample reviews; they can be attached as text documents or links to online versions, either option is fine. (Please keep in mind that you will ONLY be reviewing books at CCLaP that are up to a year old, so your samples should also reflect this hyper-contemporary date span.) I look forward to hearing from you!

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