September 6, 2013

Your last chance to RSVP for "The CCLaP Sessions" tonight!







California author Maureen Foley's three-day mini-tour of Chicago this week, in support of her CCLaP novella Women Float, is going swimmingly well so far as you can see in the above photos, the first ones from her performance on Wednesday at "Reading Under the Influence" at Sheffield's in the Lakeview neighborhood, then from last night's CCLaP showcase at Quimby's bookstore in Wicker Park, also featuring local authors Mark R. Brand and Mason Johnson. (Also seen in that last photo, CCLaP editors Robert O'Connor and Karl Wolff; Karl came all the way down from Minnesota, in fact, just to attend these events this week.)

The CCLaP Sessions: Maureen Foley

And hey, it's your last chance right this moment to RSVP for tonight's event, the inaugural edition of the center's new monthly reading series, "The CCLaP Sessions," being held in our brand-new "Studio 505" performance space in the Uptown neighborhood (otherwise known as my new apartment). Each month's show will feature just one CCLaP author performing an entire 30 minutes from their book in an intimate setting, while guests are plied with free food and liquor before moving to an outdoor rooftop reception afterwards. Since this space doubles as my apartment, I do not post the specific address online; you will want to RSVP for it instead, by writing to cclapcenter [at] We still have ten seats left with just half a day to go, and we should be able to accommodate just about everyone who writes at this point, so please don't be shy about dropping a line or worry that all the spaces are already taken up! It's been great having Mo in town this week, and I'd love to send her off with a big enthusiastic crowd here at her last show, so I hope all you Chicagoans will have a chance to come out tonight for some drinks and literary cheer.

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