October 21, 2013

It's day six of Meera Lee Sethi's "Mountainfit" book tour!

Meera Lee Sethi: The Mountainfit Tour 2013

It's day six of Meera Lee Sethi's virtual book tour, in support of her CCLaP nature and science essay collection Mountainfit! And in fact today I have two dates of the tour to share with you: today Meera is hanging out at The Next Best Book Blog (run by CCLaP's own Lori Hettler), where she has done a brand-new audio recording from the book; while on Friday Meera was over at River City Reading, where she posted a guest essay all about self-publishing the first version of this book through Kickstarter two years ago. The tour keeps continuing through October 25th, so I hope you'll have a chance to come back again tomorrow for the latest!

And visit previous days of the tour:
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