October 15, 2013

It's the start of Meera Lee Sethi's "Mountainfit" virtual book tour!

Meera Lee Sethi: The Mountainfit Tour 2013

All right! Another one of our authors is on a virtual book tour! This is something we've been doing since way back in 2008, when we first started publishing books in the first place, is set up these special two-week periods when one of our authors will "appear" at a different blog each day; they'll do something slightly different for most of them, from participating in an email Q&A to appearing on a podcast, recording a new MP3 reading, turning in a guest essay, and more, and then these set dates are all promoted at once to feel like that author really is on tour, gathering up new fans and seeing what sights the information highway has to offer. Our latest author hitting the virtual road is Meera Lee Sethi, whose nature and science essay collection Mountainfit has become a legitimate cult hit since first coming out last June; and we thought it was time to start getting the word out more about this beautifully readable John-Muiresque ode to unrefined wilderness, and all the magical things that can be found within it. Our marketing director Lori Hettler has been hard at work setting up the schedule, and I'm happy to say that the first two days are now underway: yesterday Meera appeared at the environmental and wildlife blog Wild Muse, where she discussed the surreal beauty of Swedish peat moss; while today she's talking with fellow scientist Sienna Latham over at Clerestories, where they discuss birding, Europe, Kickstarter and more. The stops will be continuing to come, every weekday for the next two weeks, so make sure to stop by here every day for the latest; and do make sure to download a free copy of Mountainfit if you never have before, and see why so many smart people have been falling in love with Meera's unique voice and viewpoint.

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