October 2, 2013

Join us this Friday for "The CCLaP Sessions" with Mark R. Brand!

The CCLaP Sessions: Mark R. Brand

Just two more days until the next edition of "The CCLaP Sessions!" This is our new monthly reading series, for those who don't know, held in our brand-new Studio 505 performance space (a.k.a. my new apartment in the Uptown neighborhood); just one author per show, reading for an entire 30 minutes from their CCLaP book, with free food and liquor for an intimate crowd of only twenty people maximum. This month's Session features Chicagoan Mark R. Brand, performing from his recent speculative story collection Long Live Us; and we've got around 15 spaces left as of this point, so just drop me a line at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com to reserve a spot yourself. Studio 505 is located approximately at 4200 N. Clarendeon, or one block east of Broadway and two blocks north of Irving Park Road (write for the exact address, since I don't share it online); doors open at 7pm and Mark performs precisely at 7:30. Please see the Facebook event page for even more details. I look forward to seeing you there!

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