November 1, 2013

CCLaP made Newcity's "Best of Chicago" 2013 list! SO WHY DON'T YOU COME OUT TO OUR SHOW TONIGHT?!

CCLaP in Newcity's 'Best of Chicago' 2013 list

I'd like to send my many thanks to the local arts-and-culture publication Newcity, for naming us in their "Best of Chicago" 2013 roundup this week! They make up funny hyper-specific titles for all their accolades, and ours was "Best Handmade Book Publisher We're All Really Rooting For;" and they ended with the great blurbable line, "Doomsayers of the book beware -- CCLaP is keeping publishing relevant and beautiful." It's always nice to be recognized in this way, and especially since it now so heavily reflects the hard work of CCLaP's extended staff (marketing director Lori Hettler, senior editors Sarah Bradford, Emily Jones, Traci Kim, Lauryn Allison, Robert O'Connor and Allegra Pusateri, assistant editor Nicolette Amstutz, blog essayists Karl Wolff, Travis Fortney and Madeleine Maccar, and photography director Rex Brink), and I'd like to thank the staff of Newcity for making this acknowledgement in the first place.

The CCLaP Sessions, November 2013: Mark R. Brand

So now, why don't you come to our next live event, happening tonight?! It's the latest edition of "The CCLaP Sessions," which for those who don't know is the center's new monthly reading series, held in our brand-new "Studio 505" tiny performance venue (i.e. my new apartment in the Uptown neighborhood); featuring only one writer per show, reading an entire half-hour from their book, these are designed to be intimate and exclusive events for a maximum audience of twenty, featuring free food and liquor in a candlelit performance space. Tonight's Session features Chicago writer Mark R. Brand, reading a complete story from his new collection with the center, Long Live Us; and we still have plenty of seats available for it, so we'd LOVE to see you locals with nothing to do tonight come out at the last minute for some food, some drinks, and hopefully a fun time. The address is approximately 4200 N. Clarendon Ave. (one block east of Broadway, two blocks north of Irving Park Road, in the Uptown/Buena Park neighborhood); but since this doubles as my personal apartment, I don't share the actual technical address online. For that, you'll want to RSVP to cclapcenter [at], so I can email you the exact specific address where you'll be heading. I hope to see you there!

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