December 18, 2013

Finally! CCLaP Journal #3 is here!

CCLaP Journal #3

Yippee! As always, it's incredibly late, but I'm happy to say that issue #3 of our new monthly magazine, the CCLaP Journal, is now ready for your downloading, purchasing and reading pleasure! To remind you, this is an attempt to pay all our new blog staff members, including photography editor Rex Brink and critics Travis Fortney, Madeleine Maccar and Karl Wolff, for all the work they do to keep this blog full of interesting content every day; we're basically taking all that material we publish over the course of a month, transcribe whatever interviews we might have done for the podcast that month too, add some original fiction, and republish the entire thing as a traditionally laid out glossy magazine. This newest issue, which technically is known as the one for "November," features long-form interviews with Chicago authors Ben Tanzer and Mark R. Brand; new fiction by Andy Plattner and Steve Romagnoli; book reviews of Philipp Meyer, Thomas Pynchon, Samantha Irby and more; photo features by Noushin Arefadib, Brendan O Se, Sheldon Serkin and Elodie Fougere; plus half a dozen rare-book overviews. We offer a free download of the PDF which you can get by right-clicking here (or even better, give us a little voluntary payment for it by clicking here first); or a version specially optimized for Amazon Kindles (scalable text, direct hyperlinks to the articles), for $4.99 by clicking right here (link not live as of this morning, but will be by this evening); or you bravest souls can buy a print-on-demand paper edition by clicking here, although let me warn you that the cost this time is a whopping $34, because even the wholesale cost to us is $31 per copy.

What future issues of the CCLaP Journal will look like

Ah! But! That leads to some good news! Because of some other recent developments with our overall publishing program in general (but much more about this tomorrow), starting next month we're dumping our expensive print-on-demand service altogether, and will instead be printing these as 150-page trade paperback books, only with all color pages, and will be able to charge only $7.99, a huge difference that I hope will lead to increased sales of the paper edition. (So in other words, it will look a lot like the copy of The Paris Review you're seeing above; and with good reason, because I'm a big fan and an annual subscriber to The Paris Review, and have designed the CCLaP Journal to look and read a lot like their publication.) And even better, each issue will now have its own ISBN, so that bookstores and libraries can carry them, or so you can special-order a copy directly from your own favorite neighborhood store.

Among other things, this means that we're going to be expanding the scope of the original fiction we publish in the Journal, which means that we're now accepting submissions of individual short stories for the first time in our history; there will be more on this starting next month, but for now you can start sending stories along to cclapcenter [at], and make sure to mention "Journal Submission" in the subject line. This also means that we're getting serious about having an iOS app for the first time, so that we can sell iPad subscriptions to the magazine through an "in-app purchase;" so we're looking to hire someone to build us such an app, and to stay on staff to troubleshoot it, update it, and load new content, in exchange for 50 cents per copy sold of each issue (all together, both paper and electronic sales). Interested? Know someone who might be? Again, drop me a line at cclapcenter [at] and let me know. I'm very excited about these new developments with the magazine, a really cool and fun personal pet project that I desperately wish made more money than it does, and I'm looking forward to presenting a bigger and more professional Journal starting in January 2014.

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