January 30, 2014

Book Review: "What Color is Monday?," by Carrie Cariello

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What Color is Monday?, by Carrie Cariello

What Color Is Monday? How Autism Changed One Family for the Better
By Carrie Cariello
Riddle Brook Publishing
Review by Jason Pettus

I always feel guilty and terrible anytime I have to give out an only so-so review of an inspiring true story about someone overcoming adversity, like there's a special level of Hell reserved just for snotty literary critics, who when confronted with the tale of a Holocaust survivor can only remark, "Needs punching up;" but nonetheless, that's what I'm doing today with Carrie Cariello's memoir of raising an autistic child, What Color Is Monday?, an otherwise fine story but just one it seems I've now heard over and over again. And that frankly is just the nature of the literary industry by the 21st century, a time of unparalleled literacy and creativity among the general population, in which not only will several million new books be published this year but tens of thousands of hours of movies and television; and with so much media and so many artists giving probing looks at every subject under the sun these days, it takes more than just an interesting real story to make a book stand out. Certainly if you're arguing that all memoirs like these are important, whether or not they particularly stand out among the others, simply so that that person's voice is heard and can perhaps help others in the same situation, I would absolutely agree with that, and I can heartily attest that this is a well-written testament that will undoubtedly help new parents of autistic children to help cope with the news; but when a book like this is deliberately sent to CCLaP from a publisher, with the hope of us reviewing it in terms of what a general audience might think, I must confess that this book's lack of any particularly unique insights or even a particularly strong personal writing style leaves me with not much more than a halfhearted "meh" when it comes to the average book purchaser. I hope you'll bear all of it in mind when deciding whether or not a copy is right for you.

Out of 10: 7.5

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