January 29, 2014

It's the last day of Maureen Foley's book tour!

Maureen Foley: The Women Float Tour 2014

It's day twelve of Maureen Foley's virtual book tour, in support of her CCLaP female relationship dramedy Women Float! Today Mo is finishing up the tour over at Guiltless Reading, where she has penned a guest essay about food and writing. It's been a busy but fascinating two weeks, and I'd like to thank all our tour hosts once again for all their hard work in making this happen (plus of course my usual big thanks to our marketing director, Lori Hettler, who makes these tours happen in the first place). If you still haven't done so, I highly encourage you to go download or purchase a copy of Women Float, and see why it's become such a popular hit over these last eight months!

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