February 17, 2014

CCLaP's first-ever paperback novel is now here!

Humboldt, by Scott Navicky

Wow, a big day in CCLaP's history -- our first-ever full-length paperback novel is now here! And I couldn't be prouder to have that first book be the absurdist intellectual comedy Humboldt: Or, The Power of Positive Thinking, the debut novel of Ohioan Scott Navicky. The plot of the book is a little difficult to describe, so let me just quote the dust jacket instead...

The Iraq War? The housing market collapse? College football's concussion crisis? How can anyone be expected to understand such complexities, especially a "horticulturally dyslexic" farmboy with an eighth-grade education and a penchant for perpetually misunderstanding, misreading, and misinterpreting the world? Born on a farm in Ohio, Humboldt is content to spend his life "outside amongst the oxygen and unhurried hydrocarbons." But when his father's farm is threatened with foreclosure, Humboldt is forced to save it by enrolling in college, leading him on an epic absurdist adventure through Washington politics, New York performance art, Boston blue-bloods, post-Katrina New Orleans, multiple murders, and holy resurrections. Mixing the speed and structure of Voltaire's Candide with a heavy dose of Joycean wordplay, and a love of literary acrobatics worthy of David Foster Wallace, Scott Navicky's debut novel assails some of modern America's most cherished beliefs and institutions with the battle cry: "Ticklez l'infame!"

And it's not just us who are excited about this; check out some of the great early feedback this book has been getting from litbloggers...

"Navicky's writing style and the way he tinkers with the English language is playful and terribly clever. Combined with Humboldt's wild, crazy adventure, this makes for a fun, off-the-wall read that challenges the intellect, amuses, yet never panders to the reader's comfort zone....I was reminded of Candide, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, the naivete of Don Quixote, and maybe even a bit of Monty Python." --A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall

"Coming in at over four hundred pages and moving along at breakneck pace, every chapter reads like an episode in a great screwball comedy from the days of yore. One-half Forrest Gump and one-half Zeppo Marx, the titular hero is unlike any you've read before or are likely to read again, and that's fantastic....[T]ruly a treat to read and a unique experience you won't ever forget....[A] spectacular debut novel." --Chicago Literati

"Have you ever read a book that left you completely bewildered, but kind of happy about it?....If A Confederacy of Dunces and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas had a moderately dimwitted but incredibly lucky love child, that might come close to Humboldt: Or, The Power of Positive Thinking." --Words for Worms

As you can tell, this is an utterly original reading experience that will stick with you long afterwards, and it's a real pleasure to be able to present this challenging but highly entertaining book to you. As always, the ebook version in its four formats (PDFs for American and European laserprinters, EPUB for most mobile devices, and MOBI specifically for Kindles) is being released under a Creative Commons license and a "pay what you want scheme" (including a free option that will get you the full book just like everyone else), which you can find at the book's main online headquarters (or if you'd like it delivered automatically to your Kindle, simply purchase it at Amazon for $9.99); but like I said, for the first time in our history, this 300-page novel is also being offered as a perfect-bound trade paperback book, for US$14.99 plus shipping, which you can order by using the button below:


And don't worry, fellow book aficionados! Just like our previous titles, we are still offering a deluxe handmade hardback edition, although now with a new twist: twice the size of our shorter books, and with every copy made out of such high-end material as cotton pages and a faux-leather spine, the hand-numbered and individually signed hardback copies are now US$49.99 plus shipping, which can be ordered by using the following button:


(Please note that both the paperback and hardback versions begin shipping starting on March 1st, and that we will have plenty of photos of both at that time.)

And of course, don't forget that for the last two weeks, we've been sharing videos that Scott recently shot down in New Orleans, reading from the NOLA section of Humboldt while in front of various well-known local landmarks; here above is part 9, with part 10 coming tomorrow.

I have to admit, after almost a year now of preparation, it's incredibly exciting for all of us to have this book now published and out for the general public, and I hope you'll agree with me that Humboldt is utterly unlike any other book we've ever released before, and perhaps unlike any other book you've ever read. There will be lots more about it coming here over the following weeks, but for now I hope you'll have a chance to go over to the book's online headquarters and either download or purchase a copy right this moment.

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