February 12, 2014

Hey, frustrated novelists! Enroll in CCLaP's new "Master Class!"

CCLaP Master Class: A ten-week writing workshop

Have an idea for a novel but have never sat down and written it? Or do you maybe have a first draft of a novel and have been meaning to do a professional edit of it? After years of being asked to offer such a thing, CCLaP is finally offering its first "Master Class" specifically for such people, a ten-week writing-intensive workshop taking place from March 17th through May 24th of this year. Designed to mimic the actual way we here at CCLaP get our signed manuscripts ready for public release, the class offers quantifiable specific help on a weekly basis...

--Every week, participants receive detailed feedback from me (Jason Pettus) on a chunk of writing up to 10,000 words in length;

--Every week, participants receive specific assignments for new or revised writing to be doing the following week;

--And every week, all participants get together for an online group chat session, each time looking at a different student's novel synopsis and sample chapter.

I've been hesitant about offering such a thing before, because I didn't want to feel like I was cheating those who signed up with only half-formed ideas about what they want; and that's why I've geared this specifically for novelists who are looking to either finish or clean up a novel for possible submission to presses afterwards, in that I feel this will keep everyone focused and with there being very real, tangible benefits to it all. Each session costs US$10, for a total enrollment fee of $100, and international students are welcome (although be warned that you might not be able to make the weekly US-focused online group chats, depending on where you live). You can sign up using the button below, but act fast -- total class size is being deliberately capped at ten people, so that each student gets the kind of intensive one-on-one experience they deserve. As always, just drop me a line at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com with any additional questions you might have, and I look forward to seeing you on the first day of class!

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