April 3, 2014

Announcing our May book, the spy thriller "Love Songs of the Revolution!"

Love Songs of the Revolution, by Bronwyn Mauldin

Well, we have some exciting news to announce -- CCLaP is finally releasing its first-ever spy thriller! It's called Love Songs of the Revolution by a Los Angeles author named Bronwyn Mauldin, and it's officially online now for pre-release orders, in advance of its release to the general public on May 19th. It's a little unusual, in fact, because it's a piece of historical fiction as well; set during the anti-Soviet revolution in Lithuania in 1989, this is less Tom Clancy and more John Le Carre, a downbeat and murky tale about an official Communist Party mural painter who is drawn into the independence movement almost against his will. But as always, the book's synopsis can explain this better than I can here just off the top of my head, so let me paste it in below...

An official painter for the Lithuanian Communist Party, Martynas Kudirka enjoys a pleasant, unremarkable life with a beautiful wife and all the privileges that come with being a party member. Yet in the summer of 1989, his ordinary world suddenly turns upside down. Political revolt is breaking out across Eastern Europe, and Martynas comes home to find his wife dead on the kitchen floor with a knife in her back. Realizing the police will not investigate, he sets out to find his wife's killer. Instead, he stumbles upon her secret life. Martynas finds himself drawn into the middle of an independence movement, on a quest to find confidential documents that could free a nation. Cold War betrayals echo down through the years as author Bronwyn Mauldin takes the reader along a modern-day path of discovery to find out Martynas' true identity. Fans of historical fiction will travel back in time to 1989, the Baltic Way protest and Lithuania's "singing revolution," experiencing a nation's determination for freedom and how far they would fight to regain it.

Page from the 'Extras' section of Bronwyn Mauldin's 'Love Songs of the Revolution'

This is also unusual in that the last part of the book, a fake collection of supplemental "real world" documents, actually furthers the plot in unexpected new directions, epistolary-style; and we've been working hard to make these documents look as real as possible, so we're excited to share this upcoming book with you and see what you think as well. Like I mentioned, this is the first novel in our history to fit into the genre variously called "crime," "thrillers" or "noir," with a second one coming this October (which again doubles as historical fiction, a Elmore-Leonard-style black comedy about the machinations of various Middle Eastern spies in a down-and-dirty pre-gentrified early-'80s New York City); in fact, we get more calls for these types of books from all of you readers than any other genre that's out there, and if these first two titles go well we're thinking of starting a whole new imprint here in 2015 called "CCLaP Crime," dedicated just to these types of exciting yet highly intelligent novels.

As always, you'll be able to download an ebook copy of Love Songs completely for free if you want, starting on May 19th; or to be part of the first group of customers to receive the paperback edition for $14.99 plus shipping, you can order a copy right now at [cclapcenter.com/lovesongs] (or just use the button below if you're seeing it). We also have a listing for it up at Goodreads.com, for my fellow members there who would be willing to add it to their library; and remember, if you promise to post a few thoughts about the book there (or at Amazon, or at your litblog, etc etc), we'd be happy to send you a free Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of the book right this second (available as a PDF, EPUB or Kindle file), so please just drop us a line at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com if you're interested. This is a wonderfully page-turning, very erudite yet incredibly pulse-pounding tale that Bronwyn has put together for us, exactly the type of unusually intelligent manuscript I've been looking for in order to kick off our new crime/noir series, and I know that all of you Graham Greene fans are going to go nuts for this as well. I look forward to presenting this to all of you starting May 19th; and in the meanwhile, I hope you'll get a chance to order an early copy of it, and help us raise the money needed to do the book's first actual print run next month.


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