April 7, 2014

It's April, so it must be time for the March "CCLaP Journal!"

CCLaP Journal #5

Missed deadlines? What missed deadlines? As always, overwhelming demand here in 2014 for our original novels is unfortunately keeping our new monthly magazine, The CCLaP Journal, significantly delayed; but I'm happy to say that the March issue is now finally out (and it only took until April 7th!), 186 pages of ad-free goodness just waiting for your free downloading pleasure. This newest issue features a reprint of a 2012 podcast interview we did with Chicago author Joe Meno; new fiction by Peter Anderson, Matt Rowan, and Alec Moran; an exclusive excerpt from our newest original book, the story collection Death to the Bullshit Artists of South Texas, Vol. 1 by Fernando A. Flores; photo features by Meryl Olah, Jaime Boddorff, Vasya Gavrilov and Lindsey Fast; and the usual reprints of the book reviews we run here at the blog on a daily basis, including looks at new books by Haruki Murakami, William H. Gass, Brian Alan Ellis and a dozen more. Just stop by [cclapcenter.com/journal] to download the free PDF for yourself; or if you like the tireless work being done here at the website by our critics Travis Fortney, Madeleine Maccar and Karl Wolff, and would like to see them get paid a little money for their efforts, I encourage you to order a copy of the full-color paperback version for only $9.99 plus shipping, again 186 pages and with no ads...


I'm happy to say as well that the April issue is almost complete as we speak, and will be going out the door and headed to the printers soon; so go ahead and read up on this issue now, because it'll only be another week or so before a brand-new 200-page issue will be ready as well! And then starting in May, we'll have some exciting news about the magazine, tied in to some developments taking place here in Chicago as we speak; but more on that when the time comes. For now, I hope you enjoy this fifth issue of our poor always-delayed publication, and we look forward to getting these cranked out on a more regular basis as things start calming down a little with our original books.

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