May 2, 2014

Say goodbye to the CCLaP Journal! Say hello to the CCLaP Weekender!

CCLaP Weekender for May 2, 2014

Sample page from the CCLaP Weekender's new Chicago literary events calendar

So first the bad news -- that after some serious soul-searching around here, we've been reluctantly forced to admit that we literally do not have enough hours in the day to continue trying to put out the full 200-page monthly magazine we've been trying to do around here, The CCLaP Journal, so we are unfortunately putting it on hiatus again for the second time in its history, for hopefully 2015 when we will have the staff and resources needed to start it up again and do it right next time. But the good news is that, starting today, we're launching a smaller publication that's going to be much easier for us to update; called the CCLaP Weekender, it will be in PDF form only and come out every single Friday morning, containing the same four original pieces of fiction and four photography features that our monthly magazine also ran per issue, but now only one each per week. Plus we're including something new that wasn't in the full magazine; namely, we're taking all the Chicago literary events happening in the next seven days, as determined in the new online calendar we're maintaining of all Chicago literary events, and laying them out in an easy-to-read grid format at the very front of each Weekender issue. Oh, did you not know that we're now maintaining an online calendar of all Chicago literary events happening around the city and near-suburbs? We are! In fact, we aim for this to be the biggest, most comprehensive, and most accurate such calendar being offered by anybody in the city; so if you know of an event that's not currently listed there, or you see an entry there containing incorrect information, please drop us a line at cclapcenter [at] and let us know! And of course, as always, if you end up liking this free electronic publication of ours, I hope you'll take a moment and donate 99 cents to help support the cause; each issue of this 40-page publication takes the hard work of six different people to put together, and I hope you'll have a chance to support this effort and help make it financially viable to do more. Anyway, you can download this premiere issue (featuring new fiction by Canadian author Catherine Cooper and a photography feature by German artist Ruslan Varabyou), or send a voluntary payment, by using the links below...

Download the CCLaP Weekender for May 2, 2014
Send voluntary payment for the CCLaP Weekender
Read online at (or use the embedded version above, if you're seeing it)

The CCLaP Sessions, May 2014, featuring Mason Johnson

And why are we getting so serious about doing a Chicago literary events calendar? Well, because it's time for the new season of live events here at CCLaP to start up for another year, and we're using this calendar as a sneaky way to promote our own shows! To be specific, the first edition of our private monthly reading series, The CCLaP Sessions, will be taking place on Friday, May 30th (with subsequent editions happening on the last Friday of every month this year); this inaugural edition will feature the always incandescent Mason Johnson, author of the CCLaP hit Sad Robot Stories, who will also be asking several of his friends to join him in an unusually theatrical performance being designed specifically for this show. Free admission! Free food! Free liquor! WHY WOULD YOU POSSIBLY PASS THIS UP?! And don't forget, this is being held in my apartment (otherwise known as the underground lit theatre "Studio 505"), which means that we can only have a maximum audience of twenty people, and that you have to write to me to get the actual street address (it's near the corner of Buena Avenue and Clarendon Avenue, in the Uptown neighborhood); so to RSVP and get specific directions, please just drop us a line at cclapcenter [at]

We have lots more big news to announce about our live-events program soon as well; but the details are being hammered out as we speak, so it'll be a bit before the official announcement comes out. In the meanwhile, I hope you'll have a chance to enjoy this new publication of ours every single Friday; and of course, don't hesitate to drop us a line if you'd like your own story or photography featured in a future issue, your own literary event mentioned in the calendar, or would like to attend the CCLaP Sessions on May 30th.

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