May 9, 2014

The "CCLaP Weekender" for May 9th is here!

CCLaP Weekender for May 9, 2014

This week's edition of our new e-magazine, The CCLaP Weekender released every Friday morning, is now online for your free downloading pleasure. It features a new piece of fiction by local author Richard Thomas; a photography feature highlighting the work of Italian artist Riccardo Bandiera; and our usual look at the upcoming week of local literary events happening all across the city. Use the links below to access it right now.

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Online version at (or just use the embedded version above if you're seeing it)

The CCLaP Sessions, May 2014, featuring Mason Johnson

And don't forget, we're just three weeks away from the 2014 start of our monthly reading series, "The CCLaP Sessions" held in our underground literary theater Studio 505, otherwise known as my apartment near the corner of Buena and Clarendon Avenues, up in the Uptown neighborhood. This season gets off to a big start with the appearance of Mason Johnson on Friday, May 30th, doing a special theatrical performance from his CCLaP novella Sad Robot Stories, which has been a big hit for us in the six months it's now been out. Free admission, free food, and free liquor; but my apartment only holds twenty people, and I don't share the exact address online, so to RSVP and attend yourself, simply drop us a line at cclapcenter [at] There are still plenty of seats left, so make sure to make your reservation now before that's not the case!

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