June 30, 2014

Hey, it's a bonus stop for Mason Johnson's "Sad Robot Stories" book tour!

Mason Johnson: The 2014 Sad Robot Tour

I know I said on Friday that we had reached the end of the virtual book tour for Mason Johnson's CCLaP novella, Sad Robot Stories; but I'm excited to say that one more stop actually squeaked in online this weekend! It is in fact a stop by the Weeklings arts-and-culture magazine, where Mason has penned a guest essay about the '80s sci-fi thriller Cherry 2000 and what this may or may not have to do with his adolescent sexual yearnings for robots. This is a wonderfully naughty way to end what turned out to be one of the more fascinating book tours we've ever produced, and I'd like to thank everyone at the Weeklings for getting this up right as the tour was ending. For those who missed it, here below is a full list of all the stops that ended up taking place; and of course if you still have never actually read the book, I encourage you to stop by right this second and download a free electronic copy for yourself.

June 16: Chicago Literati | June 17: Hypertext | June 18: Glorified Love Letters | June 19: Two Dudes in an Attic | June 20: Words, Notes, and Fiction | June 23: The Next Best Book Blog | June 24: Curbside Splendor | June 25: Guiltless Reading | June 26: Books, With Occasional Food | June 27: Banango Street | June 30: The Weeklings

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