June 18, 2014

It's day three of Mason Johnson's "Sad Robot Stories" book tour!

Mason Johnson: The 2014 Sad Robot Tour

It's day three of the virtual book tour for Mason Johnson's CCLaP novella, Sad Robot Stories! And in fact I didn't have a chance to mention the tour yesterday, so I actually have two links to share with you today: yesterday Mason was hanging out with our friends at Hypertext Magazine, where he put together a list of all the robots from Hollywood and beyond that had an impact on his impressionable youth; then today Mason is over at the Glorified Love Letters litblog, where he shares his opinions on the best pop songs that sound like they're being sung by robots. (Naturally, Jonathan Coulton has a prominent place on the list.) Tomorrow Mason will be hanging out with Two Dudes in an Attic, so I hope you'll have a chance to come by again then!

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